Book Review#7: Julie of the Wolves

Y’all I did not like this story. I understand it’s a widely-loved book, but it was not for me. There are three parts to the story, so I am going to split the review into portions.

“Somewhere in this cosmos was Miyax; and the very life in her body, its spark and warmth, depended upon these wolves for survival. And she was not sure they would help” (pg 6).



In Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead (170 pg), I did not care about Miyax naming all those wolves. “I will name you Jello,  and you Silver, and you this, and you that…” Girl, please stop talking. The entire beginning of the book Miyax/Julie learns from wolves. Now, I like wolves a lot (they are beautiful and dangerous) but it got boring to read about their antics. Anyway, Miyax’s father, Kapugen, is missing and presumed dead but his words stay with Miyax always. She finds an adoptive father figure in a wolf named Amaroq.

Personally, I just could not find any excitement in this book. Miyax being a child bride was vaguely interesting.


I knew Daniel, the child groom of Miyax, was creepy when he was first introduced. A certain scene when he tried to force himself onto Miyax solidified that. Thankfully nothing happened but, gosh I was just as disturbed as her. Also, I’m not sure if the book was hinting that Daniel had a mental disability or just extreme paranoia.


“He walked you out all the way to seal camp,” Martha told her. “And he never did anything after that” (pg 76).

A close friend of Miyax’s dies and she discovers her father’s aftermath. Needless to say, I was not impressed. To be honest, I mean Miyax did not have much of a reaction either just, “okay, I’m going to San Franciso.”

unimpressed blinking rugrats not amused blank stare


I was excited to read some diverse fiction, but Julie of the Wolves disappointed me. I want to say it’s because I am not in the intended age range, but I have read countless kids’ books that I enjoyed. Concerning the art, I liked the wolf illustrations but not the human ones. The artwork is made up of quick pen hatch lines, so when it comes to human eyes, they look like full black ovals. ¡No está bien!

Yeah, I don’t really recommend this, but it is a fast read.


Author: wordswithdestiny

My name is Destiny, and this blog was created for a college English course. I honestly like to ramble on about things, and this is the medium to do it. I adore reading books, drawing pictures, searching the internet, and saying the word "adore."

2 thoughts on “Book Review#7: Julie of the Wolves”

  1. This is the first review where there was a negative side to it. Very interesting. Good know why you did not like that book and the reason for it. Definitely did not set any flames in me to want to go out and read it. Maybe one day if I run past it I might pick it up. Besides that I will not go out of my way to read it. Thank you for your insights.

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