Book Review #10: Newsprints


Graphic novels are a huge love of mine, so Newsprints was a guaranteed read.


Newsprints by Ru Xu (208 pg) introduced Blue, a young orphan girl, who working as a newsboy got offered an apprenticeship with the eccentric inventor, Jack. From meeting Jack, many opportunities opened for her, and she later encountered a woman, Jill, and a strange boy named Crow. Throughout the discovery of new people and the bustle of newspapers, Blue worried how her orphan brothers/friends would treat her if they knew her true gender.

I enjoyed reading this story. It started a bit slow but once the momentum quickened and Hector, the oldest orphan boy, arrived I was hooked. I did wonder where the story was set, I thought it was in a fictional 19th century.

Honestly, I spent a bunch of time just marveling at the art.


Blue is not particularly exciting but she is likable, not annoying and sweet.

Crow has too much cuteness inside him, and I adore him immensely. He is a free spirit and just wants to play with birds. Where his strong dislike of adults stemmed from was interesting to learn. He’s stylish with his poofy red scarf too.

Hector, an aspiring news reporter, is desperate for a groundbreaking story and he thinks Blue can help him find it. He is a super cool “big brother type.” Although he is near twenty, he is still quite childish.

The side characters are wonderful, each one is unique. Hector, Jill, and Crow are equally all my favorites. Hector is just a bit higher in my favorite poll, though.


Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous art. Xu’s color direction is visually-pleasing. The white highlights mesh well with the artwork. Her style is sleek, bright, and colorful, and her characters are expressive.


A fun read for any age. I am not sure if this is a stand-alone book or not, but I would read a sequel if there was one.


Author: wordswithdestiny

My name is Destiny, and this blog was created for a college English course. I honestly like to ramble on about things, and this is the medium to do it. I adore reading books, drawing pictures, searching the internet, and saying the word "adore."

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