Book Review #25: Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo– The Road to Epoli

What’s up, guys! This was a delightful read. More than ever it makes me really want to publish my first book. This one’s going to be pretty short, almost like a mini review.


“You are someone, Rickety Stitch. That much I know.”

Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo: The Road to Epoli by Ben Costa & James Parks (208 pages) is about Rickety, a free-thinking skeleton who comically misses the point and has some disturbing dreams. Recently through a haunting song that stirs up memories in Rickety’s head and after being fired from a dungeon-keeper job, he decides to go on a journey to discover who/what he was before a singing skeleton.

I hadn’t expected too much out of this story besides some awesome art, but I found the story kind of heartwarming. To be honest not too much happens in this book. I will say it’s a great set up because I am eager for the second book.


Rickety Stitch— had a lovely cast of characters. The female knight only made a cameo this book, but I am certain we will see more of her come the next one.

Rickety seems pretty sweet. He really doesn’t understand much about the world or himself, but he knows he loves his friends and his hilariously bad music gigs.

Goo! Not much to say about him, but he was very clever.

I enjoyed Ziggy, the friendless imp, the most. He had some pretty quick but good character development.


I loved the art. It had such a whimsical, storybook feel. The color direction as well was great too. The lighting in this story can go from deep browns and blues to bright grays and yellows. I just love how varied it is and how rich the colors are in this book. Great job to the colorists!


You should read this story. I think it started a bit slow, but once I got involved into the story I liked it. It’s sort of heartwarming at times.


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