Review Requests/Plan to Read

My Goodreads account: here

My Goodreads “want to read/plan to read” list: here

Accepting ARCs/ review requests: ON HIATUS

I accept PDF and Mobi. I’m not interested in physical copies at this time. I post to Goodreads and Amazon (if you would like) and this blog (occasionally).

I’m open to reviewing ARCs, traditionally published, and self-published works for free.


  • Children’s Middle-Grade Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Graphic novels/comics/manga
  • Short Stories


  • Adult Fiction; New Adult
  • Baby Books/picture books
  • Horror
  • Dystopian settings
  • Trans-Atlantic Slavery; Jim Crow era; racism
  • Vampires*/Zombies
  • Graphic rape/molestation/sexual assault
  • Erotica
  • Self-harm
  • Non-fiction*


  • Christian Fiction (if it’s not corny; this YT video shows the perfect example of what not to be; 21:43—23:18)
  • How-to books (art, language-learning, music)*
  • Poetry (I like poetry, but I’m not sure how to review it)

My preferred genres are humor, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, adventure, and action. I love to read about superheroes, ninjas, spies, dragons, samurai, racially diverse characters, and love stories.  I also love light-hearted stories.

For submission:

You can send your initial request through my “contact” page. I will try to respond within 1 to 3 weeks. If I accept, then you can send me your book’s file.

Please mention the story’s length by page count if possible.

Because I’m a student, I cannot abide by deadlines, but I will try to be considerate of your timeframe.

Of course, I will give my honest opinion. Since I’m a writer as well, I know the feeling of showing your precious thoughts to the world for the lions to devour or the birds to sing praises. For that reason, I will definitely tell you what I like and do not like, but I’m not in the business of tearing anyone down. I will just say what I think would make your story better.

I also reserve the right to decline any request whether because it doesn’t fit my criteria, or simply I don’t think I would be interested in the story.

*some exceptions can be made for vampire books, and I will read nonfiction books as seen in the “maybe” category.