Dreaded Dinner Party

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Dreaded Dinner Party Cover

Genre: Middle-grade Fiction | Adventure/ Light Humor


Who would want to sabotage a dinner party? Normally, Curi Andrews would not care to find out. All of her parents’ previous parties had some silly mishap, or the Digi couple to ruin it. Despite that, her parents still want her to attend. She is too busy trying to avoid their latest party, become more outspoken, and figure out the mysterious traveler Mister Wolfeman’s motives. However, when a nasty couple comes for her parents’ reputation, Curi can’t just ignore it. She’s going to stop them with or without help!

With party-planning, sweet dinner rolls, and even a fight between friends, Curi learns more about the people around her and the reason why her parents throw so many parties. No one is perfect, but will the people Curi idolize disappoint her? Will she ever learn to speak up? Will she be forced to follow in her parents’ party-throwing footsteps?

You will love this debut middle-grade novel with diverse characters, light humor, and a  strong female protagonist.


Curi Andrews

Aucuria “Curi” Andrews, the main character, is a quiet and overly polite but opinionated young teen, growing up in an African-American home. She’s trying to learn to speak her mind more instead of shrinking back in uncomfortable situations. She also has to learn the hard way about idolizing people.






Cooleo playing Violin

Cornelius “Cooleo” NoLastName is a laid-back yet snarky boy who tries to appear much cooler than he is to his own dismay. He has a quick temper that flares when he easily becomes embarrassed.

Toki Kisaragi, an Asian-American teen, is a super jolly and fun-loving dude with no filter. Curi thinks she has him figured out, but he keeps surprising her.

Wolfeman is a cocky, pompous young man with an unusually flowery way of speech. He’s a free-spirit that loves traveling the world, but recently due to a series of events he has been forced to pick-up a desk-job.

Victorine-Ophelia “Ophelia” is a young woman who is everything Curi aspires to be. She is confident, intelligent, and beautiful. Ophelia isn’t afraid to do whatever she needs to succeed or be happy.

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