Wrap Up

I have mentioned in my “about me” section that this blog was created for a college English course. This course has been one of my most challenging classes, but I think I have learned a lot. Hopefully, I am a better writer than I was before, and I know my MLA format has gotten a million times better.

To be honest, I have always wanted to start a blog where I reviewed books, but there was never the so-called “right moment.” If I had not taken this class, I still would not have a blog dedicated to books. At least, I know how to use gifs now!

The theme of my English course was banned books, and many of the books I have reviewed were banned or challenged. I would not have read some of these books like Blood and Chocolate or Julie of the Wolves without the assignment. Am I better from having read these books? I don’t know, man. Julie of the Wolves bored me, and I practically roasted Blood and Chocolate. But I loved Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging and read four of the sequels. I need to get around to reading the fifth book, Away Laughing on a Fast Camel. A little off-topic but the newer realistic covers for the Georgia Nicholson series lose the vibrant, cartoony feel without the illustrations.

 blush GIFSincere thanks to anyone that has liked, followed, or commented or even just read any of my posts. It’s pleasant to think that someone out there actually enjoys my content.


Just so you know (in case, some of you started tearing up) this is not my last post. Yeah, I will continue reading and reviewing. This is just a farewell post for my English class. More reviews to come! I hope you all will stick around.


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Book Review #5: Blood and Chocolate


30324I had to read a banned book for school, so I chose this one from the list.


Blood and Chocolate by Annette Klause (264 Pages) is about a werewolf girl, Vivian, who falls in love with a human boy. In the beginning, Vivian has concerns about her werewolf pack. The boys are becoming murderous and her mother is becoming callous and using sexual escapades to hide her grief. To add to Vivian’s worry, most of her pack is dead. She desires non-werewolf friends because her wolf friends see her only as a mate. But, one day a boy at her school writes a poem about werewolves and she becomes drawn to him.

Vivian immediately becomes attracted (very sexually attracted as well) to Aiden, a meat-boy (read: human) because he’s not like other boys. He’s a gothic hipster so I will give Vivian that one. Aiden’s not the usual love interest but he is human, a prerequisite for any supernatural YA romance. Aiden and Vivian’s relationship is insta-love. I mean how is someone your soulmate and you have only known the person less than a month? Also, Vivian was in heat every single page for Aiden when he’s present.

Toward that super climatic point, I felt strong second-hand embarrassment. Embarrassment for Aiden. Embarrassment for Vivian. Embarrassment for everyone!

smile reactions britney spears awkward britney

This story is interesting and creates anticipation well. What’s going to happen next? Who’s going to be pack leader? When will Aiden find out his girlfriend is a mythical creature who howls at the moon? Despite me not liking most of the characters, these questions kept me turning the page. Blood and Chocolate was not a book I liked but a book I wanted to finish.

So, I liked the actual plot and tried to figure the ending out. The surprise murder mystery was fun.

What did I dislike? For some reason, I got a bit confused whether Vivian was in wolf or human form. I did not really care for most of the characters, which leads into the next section.


In the first twenty pages, Vivian seems a bit Mary-sueish. She has a perfect French accent, all her teachers love her, and she’s beautiful, so ungodly beautiful that it intimidates everyone. Vivian comes off basic at times and she immediately sees girls and dislikes them. I mean… How do you dislike someone from a simple glance? I did not like Vivian but I tolerated her because the plot revolved around her.

Also, why is Vivian’s narrative mad corny?  Like what were those lines?giphy


“Because I’m a pirate of the night and I want to see who’s trespassing in my territory” (pg 22).

“I’ll put a few more runs in those tights, honey if you look at me like that again” (pg 23).

“What red lips you have, he said in her ear.

“All the better to kiss you with, my dear,” she replied (pg 51).

“I thought you would grab what I am with both of your hands and eat me up” (pg 192).

Girl bye.

The Five, Vivian’s childhood werewolf friends, are rambunctious and forgettable. They all act like jerks. I did like Willem, the only decent one.

Esmé, Vivian’s mom, was okay. She was a  waitress and a proud cougar and loved her boy toys. Still, she had not gotten over the grief of her husband. Eh, I kind of liked her.

Aiden, I just did not care about. I was indifferent to his friends too.

I guess Gabriel’s my favorite. He had those creepy anti-personal-space issues but he’s the only one that qualified as likable. I have a soft spot for bad boys, who are more than what meets the eye (Disclaimer: This applies to fiction only). I liked his backstory, but I am not sure how I felt about the aftermath. I mean this guy is still a creep, who preys on underage girls and jams his tongue down their throats when he feels like it. You guys see why I am conflicted?


This book had so much drama!drama bomb

For all of Aiden and Vivian’s insta-love qualities, I liked that Klause handled the relationship realistically.

Would I reread this? No. Would I read a sequel? No. Despite the characters, did I enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions and absolute cringeworthiness? Yes. Most definitely. Do I recommend this book? Heck no!