Short Story: Year 4

[Summary: Amour’s been sent to her room with no dinner just for telling the truth.]

Year 4

This time the ball hits me on the forehead. I wince. Throwing this dumb, red rubber ball at the ceiling is numbly entertaining. The walls of my room are a chalky white and have smudges from the ball’s dirt. My pink bed sheets still amazingly have the faint scent of vanilla from the last time Mom washed them. While Uncle is busy eating dinner with Obby, I’m left to my own devices. Figures. The only punishment he could think of is sending me to my room with no dinner as if I don’t have snacks under my bed.

I can hear Obby’s shrill laughter, and Uncle’s reprimanding him through the walls. If I hadn’t said what I said, I would be laughing with him. Usually every dinner, I tell an inappropriate joke that makes shy Obby’s eyes wide and his mouth a perfect ‘o’ until he begs me to explain it. Uncle would frown but shake his head amusedly. It’s ironic I got sent to my room for telling the truth and not another dirty joke. Continue reading “Short Story: Year 4”


Short Story: Pink is a Distraction

Summary: She liked bright almost obnoxious colors for a reason.

Here’s a short story I wrote recently. You can read more of my short stories here. Continue reading “Short Story: Pink is a Distraction”